"Where Innovation and Integrity Grow"

In the livestock business the cattle may be domesticated, but the business can be quite wild! 

To be successful you must totally understand all the complex details contributing to increasing your ROI including: Value-Based Marketing + Grazing Leases + Nutrition Requirements  +  Genetics Data Management  +  Forward Pricing  +  Animal Health Issues  +   Experienced vets on ready-call.  +  Feed Blends  +   Lock-up Commodity Prices  +  Cost of Gain+  Transportation Logistics  +  Trusted corn and cattle hedging brokers. +  Timing and target dates  + Weather!  The list goes on and on!

Why take this all on yourself?  Let 2i Feeders and our strategic relationships with our wholly owned sister companies help you work smart, not work hard,  and get the most profit dollars from your cattle. We will professionally manage all of the above complex details for you,  especially in the all-important starting and growing phases of your cattle projects.

2i's state-of-the-art facility in Allen, KS is equipped to handle your every custom feeding, health, and cattle management need!  That’s a given.  

It’s not just innovation and integrity in what we do at 2i, it’s the way we do it!

At 2i it's all about you and keeping your maximum ROI constantly in mind!

Our fine 2i staff will add profit to your projects on an individual animal basis by having the experience and knowledge to accurately assess the quality and dressing percent of your individual cattle based on treatment history, genetics data, and proper animal data recording and logging.  We handle all the important attributes that go into a value-based marketing plan and totally see to it that your cattle grow faster and more economically.

We don’t stop there, our team of wholly-owned sister companies work directly with 2i to meet the ever-changing needs of your cattle project. All of our sister companies are available to work directly with you, too, it’s customization, coordination, and efficiency at it’s best, made just for you at 2i!

Let us prove to you that we do so much more than just feed cattle!

Our Preferred Crop Solutions division's agronomists work directly with 2i on custom grazing programs right here at our facility that can be tailored just for your herd!  Our pros are also available at your farm for planning, planting, and protecting your own cashand cover crops.  We even have precision crop mapping services!  From tilling to grazing, 2i’s partnership with Preferred Crop Solutions always gives our customers the very best in optimum crop selection and managementinnovation!

At our Tallgrass Commodities division, our professional commodity merchandisers supply 2i with feed ingredients from across the nation at the right time and at the right price! Tallgrass Commodities can also buy or arrange transportation of your crop, or buy it to feed back to your herd at 2i. Their marketing innovation and integrity means more profit to you!

Our Tallgrass Logistics division is a bonded commodity trucking company.  We remove the complex, time-consuming, and laborious tasks of coordinating the transporting of all the necessary commodities.  Whether for 2i or for your facility, from coast to coast and border-to-border, the innovation and integrity in logistics from Tallgrass is a must for maximizing your ROI!  

Our Excess Tactical Cynergy division puts you and 2i“in the green” with ecologically brilliant and consistently nutritionally rich recycled food products at a fraction of the price of conventional feed grains. This allows 2i to significantly contribute to your bottom line!  Now that’s repurposing food with innovation!

Our Wildcat Feeds division’s mill in Topeka, KS professionally blends and delivers the custom supplements fed at 2i.  Diet and animal health management is crucial, and our nutritionists visit  2i very regularly.  All custom rations fed at 2i are totally tested, approved, and monitored by our professionals.  Their innovation and integrity really sets 2i apart from the rest!  

At Wildcat, we pack ten pounds of quality in every pound of feed!  That’s integrity!

Wildcat Feeds and 2i are your local Kansas neighbors, so you see, when you choose 2i Feeders, it’s all value-based,  from marketing, to feeding, to planning all the way to harvest.

That's why we say:  "At 2i we make the business as domesticated as the cattle!"

Give Mike and his fine staff a call today at (785) 289-0042, and think 2i for your next herd! 

Let us show you what our brand of innovation and integrity in the livestock business can do for you!  

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